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One of Newsweek's 10 Biggest Thinkers for Big Business

Myles was chosen by Newsweek editors as one of the nation's brightest minds in new business. "Kovacs is gunning to make DUB the next Playboy, a launch pad for a lifestyle. That's why he's now working with companies like Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo. He's teaching corporate America Street Cred 101, telling them it's old school to portray urban culture with ghetto imagery."†Read the full article here.
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Talkiní wheels, grills and ground FX with original DUB Magazine Brainchild, Myles Kovacs. The magazine founder and trendsetter, Myles talks with ChristaBelle28 about his art, his passion and the ultimate car accessories.

Interview W/ DUB Magazineís Myles Kovacs @ SEMA 2007