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Myles Kovacs currently serves as President and Co-Founder of the following:


Founded in 1999 with 2 other partners, Myles took his passion for automobiles into print with it's first issue of DUB Magazine hitting newsstands in January of 2000. Since then DUB has become a world recognized brand associated with a wide variety of products, a worldwide event tour, and a specialize marketing company.



TIS stands for Twenty Inches Strong: a brand that originated from the culture that arose around car customization with the 20" wheel as the symbol connecting the sub culture together. TIS produces a popular line of wheels as well as various other automotive accessories and wearable goods.



Dropstars was formed to celebrate the wild custom vehicle creations that are stars unto themselves. Dropstars also became a popular line of die-cast and R/C controlled cars manufactured by Mattel.